Philip Mai


I am the Co-Director of and a Senior Researcher at the Social Media Lab at Ted Rogers School of Management. in Toronto. I am also a co-founder of the International Conference on Social Media & Society (#SMSociety).

In my work at the Social Media Lab, I work on tech policy and data related  issues, knowledge mobilization, information diffusion, business and research partnerships, and practical application of social media analytics. My research interest is mainly in the area of digital political transparency, dis/misinformation campaigns, and online toxicity, hate, conspiracy theories and extremism.

My research and commentaries have been featured in various national and international media outlets, including Bloomberg Businessweek, CBC The National, the Globe and Mail, the Conversation and other media outlets. My goal is to connect people, knowledge and ideas. Some of the long-term projects I am currently working on include: State of Social Media in Canada Reports,,, and

I graduated from Syracuse University with a Juris Doctor (JD) in International Law, Master of Arts (MA) in International Relations and Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Business Management. I have over two decades of experience working in research, communications and business management in domains such as academia, high-tech and politics. Before joining Ryerson, I was the Projects and Communications Manager at the Norman Newman Centre for Entrepreneurship at Dalhousie University and the Research and Communications Manager at the Dalhousie University  Social Media Lab. While at Dalhousie, I managed numerous social media-related research projects and led efforts to raise the profile and impact of various other academic initiatives.

I currently live in bustling downtown Toronto. In my spare time, I am an avid traveler, amateur photographer, foodies, and political junkie. If you are looking to connect with me, please look for me on Twitter; my handle is @phmai.

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